Mrs. Tracy Oliver

Tracy Oliver has devoted her career to teaching and learning. She has worked in public education for over 25 years. She was a middle and high school teacher for most of those years. During those years, she held many positions such as the Chairperson of the Principal Advisory Committee and Chaired the teacher’s union committee and District Task Force Member. As she continued to develop her career, she served on the district leadership team for conducting Multicultural Trainings for Duval County Schools. This team was responsible for training school-based Administrators and teachers on how to infuse Culturally Responsive Content into the curriculum.

Currently, Mrs. Oliver is an Assistant Principal for Duval County Schools, and a board member for the African American History Task Force for the state of Florida. She also serves as a board member for several non-profit foundations that give back and support the community. She strives to empower others and believes that teaching and learning are equitable for teachers and students.