School Board Approval of the African American History Initiative.

  • Evidence that the school board has developed a plan for the implementation of the Florida African and African American History required instruction.
  • Evidence that the plan has been publicized in school district’s curriculum guides etc.

Structured Professional Development

  • Evidence that the school district has developed and implemented an ongoing professional development plan for training teachers, students and school staff in strategies for teaching African American History.
  • Evidence that adequate resources have been allocated to structured professional development programs and for enhancing the instruction of African American History in an infused format.

African American Studies Curriculum

  • Evidence of African American History Curriculum Frameworks K-12 has been integrated as part of its school district policy with respect to required curriculum.
  • Evidence that the curriculum has been disseminated to curriculum specialists, teachers, media specialists and other educators in the district.
  • Evidence that there are adequate teaching resources including books, CD’s, digital media, and lesson plans available to support this required instruction.

Structured Teaching of the African American History Curriculum

  • Evidence that the African American History content appears in lesson plans over the sustained period of 180 plus days.
  • Evidence that there are approved methods for teaching and assessing the African American History Curriculum.
  • Evidence that there are African American History content infused and linked to the The United States History End-Of-Course Assessment and other high stake tests and requirements.
  • Evidence that the African American history content are infused in all subject areas.

University – School District Collaboration

  • Evidence of university involvement in professional development, curriculum and instruction support, etc.
  • Evidence of school district university partnership in seeking external funding (federal grants, foundation grants, etc.)
  • Evidence that the school district and university partnership has aided in the preparation of pre-professional teachers and other educators.

Parent/Community Partnerships

  • Evidence that the school district’s initiatives in African American History has resulted in the development of strategies that include the involvement of parents through awareness information sessions.
  • Evidence that there are community partners who are involved in the development and ongoing implementation of the African American History Curriculum.